Pridefit online training programs blend resistance, weighted or bodyweight movements, and respiratory training for a well-rounded, healthy, and sustainable approach to lifelong fitness.

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Connect with our inclusive community of folks striving to become their personal best. Find health mini courses, bodyweight workout programs, book clubs, bonus content & more.  

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We focus on moving, feeling, and living better. 

The fitness industry is intimidating. The health industry is confusing. Pridefit is an inclusive community working to make sustainable fitness and health accessible for all. Together we pave a new path - finding movement we enjoy with people who lift us up.

We offer affordable home and gym workout programs for individuals beginner to advanced, young to old. These workouts are served to you daily with all the tools (technique videos, movement intentions) you need to move your body safely and well. 

Akeem Campbell

"Sam's program has revitalized my relationship with fitness. His approach keeps me motivated without feeling pressured and the flow of the workouts keeps me challenged without making me want to collapse. I also love that I can message Sam in the app and find additional information in the Think Tank. "

Allie Fink

"Exercise has always been a part of my weekly routine, but I never saw such improvement in my strength and stamina until I started working out with Sam. His workouts offer the perfect amount of variety, and I've accomplished fitness goals that I never would have on my own. Beyond the workout, his positivity is absolutely contagious!"


Taylor Phillips

"I've been following Sam's workouts on YouTube and Instagram for over a year now and when he launched LFP, I signed up the next day. Following the program feels like you have your own personal trainer. Sam walks you through every single exercise and it keeps me motivated. 10/10 would recommend Leichtning Fitness Program."


Sean Doherty

"I can't express how happy I am that I signed up for LFP. I was plateauing with my other at-home workouts, and Sam's program got me past those hurdles and to a new level. The workouts are thorough and intense, but also have an excellent focus on mobility and strength. For the price, it's an absolute steal, and I can't recommend it enough."

Lucie Fink

"Ever since I started working with Sam, I've had NOTICEABLE muscle gain and have felt stronger from the inside out. I am someone who doesn't love working out, but Sam's workouts are fun and enjoyable. He'll push you to your limits but you will see results. He puts intense dedication into every video and coaching session...and it SHOWS!!

Matt Cola

"I love the holistic approach Sam takes to working out; it focuses on non-scale goals and achieving positive health results in your whole life. On top of that, Sam is a super positive, motivational trainer - as a person who is relatively new to fitness, I never once felt intimidated workout with him or asking him questions!"

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Brenna is a displaced Midwesterner who loves fresh fruit, owls, and writing letters. If she is not hiking, cooking, or behind her computer creating, she’s probably taking a nap.

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Sam is a Midwest boy living in NYC. A fitness trainer, Broadway actor, and entrepreneur, he is working to make health & wellness accessible for all.

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Josh is a professional bassoonist, rock climbing instructor, and teacher in NYC. When he's not making reeds or climbing, he is planning and presenting concerts with his reed trio, Trio212.

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