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Bulking and cutting culture has become toxic in the fitness industry.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add muscle mass. You want to feel strong and confident - I get that. But the standard bulk procedure of suddenly eating 5,000 calories a day with the goal of quickly putting on mass is unhealthy and unsustainable.

That’s where Pridefit BUILD comes in.

Similar to our other programs, Pridefit BUILD provides 5 days of workouts each week with the remaining two days dedicated to nutrition and fitness education. We’re taking a holistic approach. Pridefit BUILD’s combination of workouts and nutrition training is specifically designed to add muscle mass in a sustainable way. How?

💪 More strength & hypertrophy, less HIIT.
💪 Moderate cardio.
💪 Intentional nutrition.

Here’s my caveat: when you sign up for Pridefit BUILD, you’re agreeing to try the mass building process my way. It’s probably going to be slower than you want, but that’s because I want you to be able to add mass the right way and keep it on! Adding mass is one thing, but keeping that mass is something else altogether. Also, we could just go to McDonald’s every day to put on mass, but it’s not going to be the right *kind* of mass, right?

We have to be smart and deliberate, and Pridefit BUILD will help you reach your mass building goals.


  • Focus on sustainable, safe muscle building 
  • Access to our nutrition, protein, and mass-building library
  • 5 training days each week
  • 2 rest days (with nutrition and fitness education)
  • Technique videos for every movement
  • Weekly Pridefit Office Hours on Zoom with Sam
  • Full access to Think Tank & POWER Habits Course 
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